A free, modern and efficient platform.

We are student-focused and campus-based. We are building a highly
effective bridge to allow mass recycling, while also generating income
by creating a platform for students to trade items with each other in a
safe and secure environment.

Stex was designed with the modern student in mind. We are not just out to build another app, we're trying to build the campus community. - research has shown that over a quarter of students are starting businesses at university and it has also been reported that universities are not doing enough to support them.  A platform that enables students trade and potentially have their own ‘shops’ in university will definitely be beneficial to students, and that is what we have set out to do. In the best way imaginable!

Buy and sell, hassle free, at your convenience.

Store listings around your university!

Find rare items you wouldn't see anywhere.

Shop easier with our collections.

Coming soon...

All the features you love...and more! The Stex app which is currently being developed will include all aspects of the marketplace designed onto a platform that is convenient and easy to use. It will contain the best bits and we guarantee it is one you should have in your locker.

We'll soon be introducing features where you'll be able to sell items to your mates! Along with other hidden gems.

Get items from your favourites stores delivered straight to your door. Stex lockers will also be available in designated areas to pick items from.

Get the best discounts available online and receive freebies and exclusive items from the best brands.

Enter competitions for a chance to win some some amazing prizes and also products straight from the companies you love.